Michigan Waterfowl Hunts
(1 min - 12 max)



We hunt across the thumb area of Michigan, and are always where the birds want to be. Our hunts primarily focus on large canada geese but we periodically pick up ducks as well during duck season. These hunts are normally dry field hunts in harvested wheat, corn, or hay fields or may be over loaf ponds in some cases. We provide the private land, decoys, blinds, and experienced guides/callers to make your hunt as successful as possible.


Drive Up Hunt

$ 250

Per person per day, no meals or lodging included.

All Inclusive Hunt

$ 300

Per person per day, meals & lodging included.

*Pricing does not include tips for guides – While tips are never required, they are greatly appreciated by the guides and does help them to be able to continue making a living doing what they love. We do not include tips in our pricing or their base salary because we believe they should be rewarded for the level of effort they put in on each individual hunt, and who better to know the quality of the service they provided than the client. Recommended tips range around 15% to 20%, but the amount you give them is entirely up to you based on your satisfaction with the effort they put in for you on your hunt.


*No checks accepted for any form of payment.


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